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Sustainable Supply Chain and Ethical Behavior Policy

As MESAN Aluminum, we care about establishing trust-based relationships with all our stakeholders and aim to expand our responsible and sustainable supply chain approach. In order to create sustainable value, we exhibit an approach that considers environmental, social and ethical values and attaches importance to the development of society, while at the same time we strive for all our suppliers and stakeholders to adopt similar behavior. In this context, all our suppliers and business partners;

  • They are obliged to provide their employees with rights in accordance with the legal obligations and working conditions in the region in which they operate.
  • They cannot discriminate against their employees in any form (religion, language, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc.). It cannot tolerate such behavior by its employees; it is obliged to take the necessary measures.
  • Violation of the inviolability of employees in any way through physical, sexual, psychological and/or emotional harassment at the workplace and/or any place where they are present due to work is against the law and ethical rules, and the supplier cannot tolerate this situation.
  • It cannot apply any form of forced or compulsory labor, employment decisions must be based on free choice.
  • It may not employ child labor and must comply with all applicable national and international standards, in particular the International Labor Organization (“ILO”) and United Nations (“UN”) Conventions, including minimum working age restrictions set by law and legislation.
  • Takes all measures in terms of occupational health and safety. Provides all necessary training, equipment and equipment to its employees in this context. Provides the necessary facilities for the management of health and safety risks and the prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Carry out its activities in compliance with all local laws and international regulations applicable to the environment. Evaluates the environmental impact of its operations and decisions; takes necessary measures to protect natural resources, reduce waste, use clean energy, recycle and control pollution.
  • Cannot give or receive bribes or engage in corruption. Takes necessary measures to combat bribery and corruption. Must comply with all applicable national and international anti-corruption laws.
  • Avoids conflicts of interest and any activity that may be perceived as a conflict of interest by third parties. In case of a possible conflict of interest, it informs all relevant parties.
  • Except for commercial customs and promotional materials, any gift sent by the supplier that creates the impression of the existence of an irregularity, that may cause or may be perceived as a dependency relationship is not accepted.
  • In case any unethical or illegal issues are raised, they are obliged to report them.
  • Manages materials, information, technology, money, methods, labor and all other resources in the entire supply chain network in an effective and integrated manner.
  • Designs its processes with lean, value-added and innovative methods, realizes performance targets and continuously improves them.
  • Stakeholders have many grievance channels available to them and procedures have been developed to investigate complaints.
  • Keeps records of all transactions in a manner that reflects the truth accurately, honestly and in a timely manner. It does not falsify its records or conceal its transactions. Keeps its records in accordance with legal requirements.
  • It is obliged to protect all confidential information belonging to MESAN Alüminyum A.Ş. and to which they have access, including trade secrets, know-how and financial data.
  • It does not use “conflict minerals” in its activities and avoids any action that supports illegal conflicts, violates human rights and provides financial support.

Our business mindset requires that we only work with suppliers who have the ability to consistently meet our standards and specifications and are aligned with our corporate values. We expect our suppliers not only to comply with the Code, but also to make reasonable efforts to exceed expectations and promote continuous improvement throughout their business activities. The Code applies to all our contracted suppliers, business partners and MESAN, who are expected to transfer these requirements to their supply chains. We commit to cooperate with all our stakeholders in this regard.

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