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Human Resources Policy

For us, “Human” is our most valuable asset and the basis of our corporate values is Respect for the Employee by Touching.

It is our responsibility to our employees not to pay attention to race, language, color, age, nationality, gender and belief differences in our relations.

We are proud of the differences and cultural diversity of our employees and see this diversity as an opportunity for development, while rallying around a common goal. In order to create our staff, we adopt the elements of inclusion as well as diversity, and promote a culture based on the principles of justice, equality and transparency.

In this context, our Human Resources policy,

To create a high-quality human resources in line with the goals and strategies of our company, to adopt modern Human Resources Practices and approaches based on success in order to ensure that this power is evaluated in the most effective and efficient way,

To create an environment in which the residents of the BLADDER can realize themselves by targeting the vision of the institution.

To include among us people who will take care of MESAN’s corporate vision and ‘MESAN IS MINE’ culture, have a high level of education, are well-educated, open to innovations and changes, have an entrepreneurial perspective, aim to improve themselves and their business, and believe in the power of teamwork. Dec.

To organize professional and personal trainings to support employees who will lead change and development within the MESAN ACADEMY in order to become an organization that fully meets the Human Resources development needs in accordance with MESAN’s vision and strategic goals,

To support our employees with training programs and resources for the development of digital skills in accordance with technological trends by creating continuous training and development opportunities,

To encourage the use of digital technologies in order to make business processes more efficient,

To make regular performance evaluations based on the goals adopted by all employees and to highlight the team spirit by providing feedback to employees,

To increase loyalty with systems that reward achievements in achieving goals, to position the existing employer brand at the highest level and to make the employee feel that he is always with him,

To raise awareness about the environmental goals of the company within the framework of sustainability approaches, to take our assignments for future generations into the basic principles of the institution by providing employees with opportunities to participate and contribute to environmentally friendly practices,

To give priority to the work-life balance of employees, to create a safe workplace where they will feel belonging and be proud of themselves and their families with the happy employee happy work motto,

To support employees to live a healthy life by providing resources and psychological support services that promote physical and mental health, such as health programs, recreational areas, sports facilities or healthy nutrition programs,

We are as BLADDERS who say, “I AM THE BLADDER.“:

Get our values as a guide,

It positions the person at the center,

Believes in the continuity of education;

He knows that there is nothing that cannot be solved with teamwork and communication;

It keeps employee satisfaction, belonging and quality service above everything;

We are proud and excited to be a member of MESAN.

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