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With our two 35-ton casting furnaces

We produce 36.000 tons/year billet.

We produce billets in Ø114, Ø 127, Ø 152, Ø 203 mm in accordance with international standards.


Mesan Çorlu Plant;

  • Press 1: 2750 tons and 203 mm diameter billet.
  • Press 2: 1880 tons and 152 mm diameter billet.
  • Press 3: 1100 tons and 127 mm diameter billet.
  • Press 4: 900 tons of power and 114 mm diameter billet.

Our facility, which has a total production capacity of 22,000 tons per year with four presses, has the ability to produce a wide range of aluminum profiles ranging from 30 gr/mt to 20 kg/mt by working with 1000 and 6000 series raw materials.

Mold Shop


Mold design and construction is the key point of our production process in order to produce our aluminum profiles in the desired dimensions and tolerances and to obtain perfect surfaces. We design and produce standard and special purpose molds with advanced CNC machines, modern mold machines such as lathe, milling, plunge erosion, wire erosion.

Technology and Practical Application:

  • In addition to standard profiles, special production mold design and manufacturing is carried out with the latest technology, precision tolerance and surface quality.
  • The efficiency in mold production is ensured by the knowledge and experience in the design process from the beginning.

Quality Control and Maintenance:

  • The molds are regularly maintained after production and added to the archive.
  • Productivity and Tests:
    • Around 2500 molds are produced in our mold shop annually and used in production after undergoing various tests.

As Mesan Metal, we strive to ensure the highest level of quality and performance of our profiles with our mold mastery.


Mesan Metal stands out with a monthly painting capacity of 1000 tons of aluminum profiles. Our professional team performs the painting process according to Qualicoat standards in various color options up to 8 meters in length, in accordance with special designs or RAL codes. Profiles are carefully painted in our state-of-the-art power and free system conveyor-oven system by passing through pre-treatment baths prepared with environmentally friendly chemicals.

Equipment and Features

  • Wagner brand cabin with self-cleaning feature and 16 electrostatic powder coating guns are used.
  • Our Power and Free conveyor system can be adjusted in the speed range of 2-5 meters/minute according to the desired profile specifications.
  • Our Botersan brand oven operates in the range of 180-210 degrees depending on the structure of the desired paint.
  • In our pools designed to paint 8-meter-long profiles, chemicals in accordance with Qualicoat regulations are used and we obtain the 30 μS conductivity pure water we need from our pure water treatment system with a capacity of 5 m³/hour.
  • Our hangers are specially designed according to our CNC laser cut profile types and are produced in 1.60 meters length according to the gun scanning area.

As Mesan Metal, we maintain our leading position in the sector with our quality painting service.


Anodizing is the process of coating the surface of aluminum metal with a homogeneous oxide layer by an electrochemical process. The classical anodizing method provides an anodized coating between 1-25 microns on aluminum profile surfaces. This coating adds an aesthetic appearance to aluminum, provides resistance to scratches and corrosion; it is also one of the durable surface coating techniques.

Our Anodizing Facility:

Our anodizing facility has a surface treatment capacity of 15,000 tons per year. With 2 automatic polishing machines, anodizing with glossy surface and 1 satin finish machine, anodizing with satin finish effect can be realized. While 3 anodizing baths and 3 15000 ampere rectifiers are used for anodizing, 3 color baths are also available.

In our facility, matt and glossy surfaces can be obtained from profiles up to 7 meters long. In this process, natural aluminum color (natural), black, yellow, brown, bronze and more than one shade of these can be obtained.

Quality and Assurance:

The processes carried out in our anodizing facility comply with European QUALANOD standards and TSE guarantee with features such as lifetime durability, UV resistance and color retention. Mesan’s anodizing art makes a difference in the sector by combining the elegance and durability of the surface.

Mechanical Process

Details on the surface of the profile that cannot be created by extrusion are achieved by chip removal using machining centers and eccentric presses. These processes allow the profile to be equipped with various forms such as holes, slots, channels or lock slots.

Cutting, slicing, drilling, deburring and thermal insulation barrier (wick) rolling are also included in the mechanical processing class.


  • 1 Piece 11 Meter 3 Axis Profile Machining Center
  • 1 Piece 4 Meter 3 Axis Profile Machining Center
  • 1 Piece 4 Meter Flat Table Machining Center
  • 1 Piece 4 Meter Double Head Precision Cutting Machine
  • 1 Piece Wedge Mode Slicer
  • 1 Piece 35 Ton Eccentric Press
  • 1 Piece 30 Ton Air Clutch Eccentric Press
  • 1 Piece 60 Ton Air Clutch Eccentric Press
  • 1 Piece Thermal Barrier Crimping Machine
  • 1 Piece Vibration Deburring Machine
  • 1 Piece Column Table Drill


We are able to process profiles up to 120mm x 80mm in a single operation.


With an average annual profile processing capacity of 290,000 pieces, we combine quality and speed.

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