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Vision & Mission


To be recognized as a leading brand in the aluminum profile sector, to determine the trends in the sector with continuous development and innovation, to gain the trust of our customers and to work with environmental awareness for a sustainable future.


To provide our customers with high quality, customized aluminum profiles, to provide solutions that meet their needs and to be a leading profile manufacturing company in the sector. To meet the expectations of our stakeholders at the highest level by leading the sector with sustainable innovative solutions, people-oriented and environmentally sensitive approaches.


Customer Orientation:

By focusing on the needs of our customers, we offer quality and customized solutions. We always prioritize customer satisfaction.

Innovation and Continuous Development: We aim to continuously develop with our innovative approach and continuously improve our solutions by keeping up with technological and sectoral changes.

Environmental Sensitivity:

By adopting environmentally friendly methods in our production processes, we are committed to using natural resources effectively and minimizing environmental impacts.

Quality and Reliability:

We maintain high quality standards in our products and services and reassure our customers by acting with the principle of reliability.

Teamwork and Valuing People:

We value the contributions of our employees and encourage team spirit. We aim to maximize the potential of each individual by creating a fair, interactive working environment.

Social Responsibility:

We pay attention to society, the environment and our social responsibilities with the way we do business and contribute to a sustainable future.

With these values, we continue to leave a lasting impact on the business world and society by realizing our mission and vision that we have committed to as MESAN METAL.

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